Friday, January 29, 2010

Achieving Virtualization Control with Workload Automation

Virtualization offers many benefits, but most IT organizations are missing out by focusing too much on the virtual infrastructure, and not enough on the mission-critical application workloads it supports. The result is inefficient operations, underachieved virtualization goals, and negative business impacts.

In this white paper, EMA VP of Research, Systems & Storage Management Andi Mann will highlight how enterprises can use advanced workload automation technologies in their virtual environments to:
  • Increase server utilization, VM efficiency, and server consolidation ratios
  • Reduce the time that senior staff are wasting on routine, mundane operations
  • Leverage virtualization and automation to provide 'just-in-time' cloud computing services

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Social Media Marketing Case Study Retail Site

Intrapromote's Social Media Marketing campaign has delivered impressive results based on their off-site contest promotion and off-site marketing material distributed through Intrapromote's social networks and blogs.

  • 85,000 more visitors from June 2008 to June 2009
  • Monthly online sales more than doubled (122% increase)
  • Search engine traffic increased 115%
As a Sales/Marketing Professional, learn more about the Social Media Marketing strategies leveraged that produced measurable increases in online sales and search engine traffic specific to new markets for this online clothing retailer.

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Sales Forecasting: It's a Risky Business

This White Paper describes several methods of forecasting and makes the case that using simulation has some significant advantages over traditional forecasting methods:
  • Very robust and flexible â€" can generate accurate forecasts for a wide range of pipeline scenarios
  • Eliminates manual forecast judgment â€" no need to commit to any specific opportunities
  • Timely - can be updated on demand, since manual judgment isn't necessary
  • Flexible - supports different opportunity types, with different pipeline durations and probabilities
  • Handles uncertainty â€" supports deal duration and pricing variability
  • Greatly enhanced visibility â€" provides early warning of lagging opportunities and pipeline deficiencies
  • Confidence â€" let's you decide the level of risk that's comfortable for your organization
If your company employs a stage-based sales pipeline, has multiple types of opportunities, and has a sales cycle longer than a few weeks, then you will be interested in understanding the differences of the forecasting approaches explored in this white paper.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

EMI Filtering: How To Get The Lowest Noise

Watch this informative video presentation as Peter Huber, Senior Field Applications Engineer describes the sources of current mode and differential noise. He demonstrates the effect of various filters and combinations on noise spectra, shown in the context of EN55022, Class B limits.

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Mobility in Manufacturing: Achieve a New Level of Lean and a New Level of Profitability

Get more out of your lean initiatives with Motorola's Mobility solutions.

This 150+ page resource is packed with case studies and guidelines for unleashing the full power of mobile technology across any manufacturing segmentâ€"from aerospace, automotive, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals to petrochemical and more. It will show you how to
  • Identify the 7 wastes of manufacturing
  • Uncover and eliminate the hidden lean barriers
  • Use Motorola's Unified Voice and Data Architecture to reduce costs and inefficiencies
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