Thursday, March 31, 2011

Social Media Strategy: The 12-Point Program for the Social Enterprise

The webinar is a play on the “12-Step Programs” out there, but seriously, they've found about a dozen elements that need to be considered in order to be effective in social media as an organization. In this webinar you'll learn what you need to do to succeed with social media and when you need to do it. You'll also leave with a comprehensive understanding of the subject and how you improve your social media efforts tomorrow.

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Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g: #1 en Middleware

La completa familia de productos de infraestructura deaplicaciones Oracle -- desde el servidor de aplicaciones Javanmero 1 hasta portales empresariales y SOA -- estnintegrados con Oracle Applications y tecnologas paraacelerar la implementacin, lo mismo que reducir el costo degestin y cambio. La oferta de productos de primera clase ylas capacidades exclusivas que no producen interrupcionesofrecen una base para la innovacin y amplan el valor denegocios de las inversiones existentes.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Practical Social Media Tools

Over 70 tools you can use today to take your social media program to new heights. The Social Media Tools Guide is a comprehensive list of social media marketing tools that they recommend for organizations considering social media management responsibilities. Some tools overlap (such as WordPress and MovableType) but their inclusion here is meant to provide you with a set of options to evaluate for your own implementation needs. There are hundreds of social media tools that you can use in each category outlined in the guide. You will also find a section with links to more information.

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How Enterprise Software Helps Financial Services Firms Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Financial services firms are optimistic that in the long term, the economic recovery will mean greater revenues and higher profits. Short term uncertainties, however, remain. For example, many firms remain cautious due to the potential for commercial loan defaults. Thus, while financial services firms are once again looking to grow their business, they are hesitant about increasing costs and are instead, looking for ways to operate more efficiently. Many are turning to enterprise software to support and enable these efforts. This white paper describes how enterprise software solutions, when built on a flexible and adaptable technology platform, can help financial services firms streamline workflows, consolidate operational data, and provide the visibility and analytics that financial services firms need to improve operational efficiency while enhancing regulatory compliance.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Clipper Notes: In Search of the Long-Term Archiving Solution Tape Delivers Significant TCO Advantage over Disk

Putting to rest many of the claims that tape has passed its prime, this Clipper Note from The Clipper Group confirms that tape can be an important cost-saving storage technology for long-term archiving of big files in tiered storage architecture. A couple of highlights:
  • For long-term archiving of digital data, the average disk-based solution costs 15 times the average tape-based solution.
  • The cost of energy alone for the average disk-based solution exceeds the entire TCO for the average tape-based solution.

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Tiered Storage Takes Center Stage

The selection of storage technologies has never been greater. Today's choices range from ultra-high capacity, low cost, low performance storage at one end to highly advanced data management functionality and very high levels of performance at the other. Future technology developments promise to further accentuate the differences between the available solutions while increasing the number of choices. Many of these options represent unique levels or tiers of the storage hierarchy. The foundations of tiered storage had their beginnings over 20 years ago when disk, automated tape libraries and advanced policy-based data management software combined to effectively migrate less active data to less expensive storage devices. At the highest level, tiered storage refers to an infrastructure capable of optimally aligning storage service levels with application requirements. The business case for implementing tiered storage is good and becomes more compelling as the storage pools get larger. However, tiered storage implementations need hardware and storage management software to work together in order to truly provide a seamless active operation and for customers to realize the substantial TCO and ROI benefits.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gartner Video: Secure Web Gateway, Secure and Control Internet Traffic

As connected business applications increase and media-rich Website usage grows, the Internet connection is now mission-critical. Yet, increasingly sophisticated malware threats and evasion techniques make that connection more difficult to manage and protect. As a result, the Secure Web Gateway (SWG) product category in organizations of all sizes is becoming a go-to solution.

In this video, leading experts from Gartner, Hitachi Consulting and Cymphonix discuss:
  1. Critical factors for evaluating and deploying an SWG for optimum network defense
  2. Evaluation criteria for selecting a Secure Web Gateway provider
  3. A case study of Hitachi Consulting's recent SWG implementation
  4. How to enhance network visibility for converged internet connections
This program will arm you with the information needed to successfully evaluate and implement an SWG solution that improves management and control of your Internet connection.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Management Excellence: Leveraging Technology & Techniques

Extending operational excellence to management excellence is the next strategic imperative for organizations of all sizes, in every market around the world.

In difficult economic times, operational excellence is critical. Organizations cannot afford to have cost-heavy operations, quality issues, or long time-to-market cycles. However, most companies have already implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Resource Management, and other operational systems. Because so many companies have achieved this level of operational excellence, focusing on transactional processes does not offer competitive advantage.

The next wave of competitive advantage comes from combining operational excellence with management excellence. This is achieved by transforming management activities into integrated management processes and by connecting management processes to operational processes and systems. This white paper describes a set of six management processes that lead organizations to become smarter, more agile, and better aligned, the key attributes of management excellence.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rapid Bottleneck Identification A Better Way to Do Load Testing

Rapid Bottleneck Identification (RBI) is a new testing methodology that allows Quality Assurance (QA) professionals to very quickly uncover Web application performance limitations and determine the impact of those limitations on the end user experience. Developed through years of testing engagements across all types of platforms, the RBI methodology dramatically reduces load testing cycles while allowing moreâ€"and more thoroughâ€"testing.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Transforming Your Enterprise Health & Life Sciences Special Edition

In this special edition of Transforming Your Enterprise, read how HP is driving the transformation to accountable health management by helping to modernize and integrate systems and processes, including features on a highly integrated data and communications environment via a digital hospital infrastructure in Norway and the Healthcare Solution Center in Plano, Texas.

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Best Practices for Making Your Webinar a Success - Post-Event Evaluation

To make your webinar a success, you must follow-up with participants, just as you would after an in-person event. That will allow you to take full advantage of the meeting itself, as well as leverage web conferencing technology to deliver certain benefits an in-person event can't match. In this guide, Frost & Sullivan, a leading growth consulting firm, offers best practices for hosting a successful webinar.

Written By: Frost & Sullivan, Presented by: ReadyTalk

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Buyer's Guide: eSignature Solutions for Sales Contracts

Ever since Congress passed the ESIGN Act in 2000, which established the legality of electronically signed documents, companies have begun to recognize the importance of eSignatures to their profitability. This Buyer's Guide covers the basics and benefits of eSignatures as well as what to look for in an eSignature solutions vendor.

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Maintaining Oracle Standards Free Chapter from Oracle Database 11g - Underground Advice for Database Administrators

As a DBA you will be expected to draft and control different standards, as they pertain to an Oracle database. Some of the best standards are the ones that have a wide adoption rate, and which are easily understood and well-documented. Standards are intended to grease the various gears of a team so that they work together with less friction. Standards will also make a DBA's life easier in the long run, safer for all those involved, and more efficient, because time isn't spent reinventing or rewriting a process that wasn't based on a standard in the first place.

This chapter outlines several standards for the major tasks that most DBA's are expected to perform: installation, configuration, and the maintenance of Oracle software. Expect the standards that you adopt to change gradually over time as technology improves and to reflect changes within your organization.

Packt Enterprise books can be summed up through the tagline "Professional Expertise Distilled". They take in-the-trenches knowledge from experienced software professionals, and distil it into a single, easy to follow manuscript.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

AJAX with APEX Free Chapter from Oracle Application Express 3.2

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a collection of technologies that were in use separately for a long time in the Web environment. Putting them to work together, with some new APIs, gives us something newâ€"the ability of the client side to trigger server-side activities without relinquishing full control. With AJAX, the client side can initiate an HTTP communication with the server using a local scripting language and requests for server-side information. This request can trigger any action they need on the server side, and in their context, any allowed database activity. The new benefit of AJAX is that this type of client-server dialog can happen without the need to submit the page, and re-render it from scratch upon receiving the server response, as was the case prior to AJAX.

In this chapter, they'll review the AJAX technology; how it's implemented in the APEX environment, and how they can use it in their APEX applications, mainly to optimize and enrich their user's experience.

Packt Enterprise books can be summed up through the tagline "Professional Expertise Distilled". They take in-the-trenches knowledge from experienced software professionals, and distil it into a single, easy to follow manuscript.

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Organizing Dynamics GP Free Chapter from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Cookbook

Dynamics GP provides a number of features to better organize the overall system and improve its usefulness for all users. This chapter is designed to demonstrate how to implement and fine tune these features to provide the most benefit.

In this chapter, they will look at:
  • Speeding up account entry with Account Aliases
  • Gaining visibility with Horizontal Scroll Arrows
  • Streamlining payables processing by prioritizing vendors
  • Getting clarity with User Defined fields
  • Developing connections with Internet User Defined fields
  • Gaining additional reporting control with Account Rollups
  • Remembering processes with an Ad hoc workflow
  • Improving financial reporting clarity by splitting purchasing accounts
  • Speeding up lookups with Advanced Lookups
  • Going straight to the site with Web Links
Packt Enterprise books can be summed up through the tagline "Professional Expertise Distilled". They take in-the-trenches knowledge from experienced software professionals, and distil it into a single, easy to follow manuscript.

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